We are committed as a congregation of the Uniting Church to being a safe and healthy church.
Sometimes within the church, we can annoy and disappoint one another.
When this happens we encourage all our members and adherents to be people of courage and to follow the direction of Scripture if there are minor irritations, disagreements or conflict within the church.

“If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. (Matthew 18:15)

Talking to people, not about them is a powerful way to honour relationships, and to seek restoration rather than give in to the destructive capacity of gossip and unrestrained talking. We absolutely reject this sort of behavior within the fellowship St David’s Parkdale Uniting Church.

We recognise the vulnerabilities or power of different people within the congregation, and firmly reject dominance, aggression, manipulation, and any unhealthy, sinful practices that can damage individuals and the fellowship and integrity of the church.
Gossip, malicious talk and rumours, bullying, harassment and aggressive behaviours or power-plays and any form of abuse are not acceptable for God’s holy people.

We also understand that sometimes behavior, actions and relationships may become toxic or abusive and in those cases it may be necessary to speak to an appropriate leader or safe person to mediate or to report on inappropriate behaviours.

Leeanne Mill is our designated church Safe Person.
This means she is someone that can be approached should anyone need to talk to or report any experience of abuse, whether connected to or outside the church.
We are committed to the Uniting Church Safe Church guidelines and have strong processes in place to ensure safety and safe communications within the church community.

Leeanne Mill – Safety Contact person







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