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St David’s Parkdale Uniting Church is part of the Uniting Church of Australia, a group of Churches that was formed in 1977 from the amalgamation of the Congregational, Methodist and most of the Presbyterian Churches in Australia.
It is a denomination that is committed to the deep Biblical teaching on the importance of Unity under God’s Word and Spirit.

As part of the Uniting Church we accept a founding document called the Basis of Union, which details the beliefs and reasons for the founding of the Uniting Church. If you would like to read the Basis of Union it is available online www.assembly.uca.org.au


We accept the full authority of the Bible, as God’s word to us and as the witness through which we come to know Jesus, the Eternal Son of God and the salvation and redemption that is found only through faith in him.
Through the witness of the Old and New Testament we discover the unchanging nature of God the Almighty Triune Creator of all and have diagnosed for us the human condition of sin which corrupts our good creation, leaving us subject to death and dependent upon the redemptive work of Jesus.

We accept the Apostles and the Nicene Creeds as defining statements of belief that bind us together in unity with all people of the Christian faith, as image bearers and followers of the Triune God.

The Creeds






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